Imperfectly Vegan

What It Means to Be Imperfectly Vegan

Following a vegan diet is healthiest for both humans and the earth. However, a traditional vegan diet is too extreme for most people to want to attempt. Even the most committed vegans will falter, whether consciously or not. This is why SacredExploration in the San Francisco Bay Area has come up with a new kind of plant-based lifestyle known as “ImperfectlyVegan.” By following this kind of lifestyle, you are providing huge benefits not only to yourself, but also to our communities, animals, and the planet. The degree to which someone is ImperfectlyVegan depends on his or her personal level of commitment, experience, and circumstances, all of which may change at different points in time. Being ImperfectlyVegan thus offers all the health advantages of being vegan without undue pressure to be absolutist or extremist. Being Imperfectly Vegan is a lifestyle, not a destination.

What People Are Saying About Being Imperfectly Vegan


StaciJoy, Holistic Nurse

“‘Imperfectly Vegan’ is a very powerful term to me because it describes the way I eat in a way that gives me self-compassion for when I am not perfectly vegan. So when I eat a bit of goat cheese on my salad or a bite of a quiche, I still feel that I am being congruent with my description of being Imperfectly Vegan.”

Sean Butman, Naturopathic Detoxification Specialist

“Imperfectly Vegan, for me, is a mindset that I will not become dogmatic in my approach to being vegan. Although I’m vegan for moral, ethical, as well as health reasons, it’s my own path to walk, and if I mistakenly have something that had cheese or milk or honey in it, I won’t berate myself for it, and I won’t chastise the sources of that food and instead will still thank them for their efforts. It means knowing the difference between having compassion for all life on this planet, regardless of what that life looks like or which animal or plant kingdom we’ve placed it into. Imperfectly Vegan also helps me avoid using vegan philosophy to pretend I’m better than those who aren’t vegan.”

Phil Isaia, Spiritual Teacher

“Imperfectly Vegan resonates with me. Nobody’s perfect, after all. And it’s not oppressive. It takes the pressure off!”

Imperfectly Vegan Workshops

Each one of us has a unique, lifelong relationship with food. But for too many of us, our relationship with food is broken. We are born into amazing human bodies on a planet that serves up a bounty of food, yet our disconnection with our bodies and with the earth has led us into a global food frenzy. Serving up a much more expansive view of what it means to eat, Imperfectly Vegan workshops will lead us toward optimal levels of individual, communal, and environmental health, highlighting our relationship with food as a spiritual path that is both exciting and necessary. Presenting food in a way that is new and refreshing, Imperfectly Vegan workshops will catalyze desperately needed conversation and behavior change toward true integrity of body, mind, and spirit.




Albert Einstein

“Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.”

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Lisa Tremont Ota, Founder and President

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